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Save up $100 on your FPL Bill!

According to, computers can be “energy vampires” when no power management settings are enabled.   Empower your PC to cut down on its energy usage when you’re busy doing other things.  Follow these 3 simple steps to save up to $100 a year per PC on your energy bill:

  1. Right click on any empty space on your desktop and  select properties. This will bring up Display Properties Box.
  2. Click on Screen Saver Tab and select Power... Button at the bottom of the box.
  3. Select Home/Office Desk Power Scheme (or laptop/portable if using laptop).  Change the following settings:
  • Turn off Hard Drive to 2hrs-3hrs
  • Turn off Monitor to after 15 Minutes
  • System Standby to after 2 hrs.

4. Click OK.  You're done.

Activating power management has been made even easier with EZ Wizard from Wizard is an easy to use software tool that automatically activates power management features for you. EZ Wizard will help you decide the right power management settings — even if you’re not sure.

Click here for Free EZWizard.  Power Management in two clicks.


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