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Attack of the Zombie Computers

Although our title might be reminiscent of a yet another sensational Halloween Horror Story, Zombies really do exist, at least in the computer world. 
Zombie Computers are PCs that have been infected with a certain type of malicious software which enables hackers to utilize the computing power of an unsuspecting PC user to perform a multitude of questionable or illegal activities such as sending SPAM, Phishing, Click Fraud, Denial of Service Attacks and more.  The term Zombie is especially appropriate in this sense, as most of the time users are unaware that their system had been compromised. 
So all of this time you thought you had nothing to do with international crime cartels?  Well, maybe you are right.  Before you answer, consider this:  roughly 50 million computers are thought to have been compromised by one of the most prevalent distributed computing zombie Trojans: "Storm Botnet".  So you can sleep tight, and hope that the bed-bugs don't bite.   However, if you are the type that does not like to leave things to chance, click here to get a free malware scan, and see if your computer is in fact a Zombie.

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